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Welcome to the April – May issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

First I apologize for my mis-titling of Tim Woodbridge’s article on Don Messer in last month’s issue. I think I’ve got it straight now. Tim continues a retrospective of the fiddle music of Don Messer with a look at his performance of Billy Wilson’s Clog (along with a new title for this series of articles). [...]

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Understanding And Learning Shifting And Higher Positions On The Fiddle Part One

by Carolyn Osborne  Years ago I got to watch my favorite classical violinist, Itzhak Perlman, play the fiddle music of his Jewish heritage, klezmer.  He’s an amazing player, of course, having mastered the hardest classical violin music there is.  But what really struck me as I watched him play with the other klezmer fiddlers is [...]

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The Mishebeyrakh Mode In Klezmer Music Article 4

by Cookie Segelstein In our last article we spoke about the one of the most recognizably Jewish modes,  Freygish. Now I would like to talk about the mode Mishebeyrakh, which (like Ahava Rabboh, the alternate name for Freygish)  is named after a prayer with the musical elements of the mode in the Jewish synagogue liturgy. [...]

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By Tim Woodbridge As described in the previous installment, when Don Messer was 16 he went to Boston, where his Aunt Mary ran a boarding house.  According to biographer Johanna Bertin, he did well for himself, eventually becoming an assistant manager of a store in the Woolworths chain, with prospects of assignment to a store [...]

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Musings On The Evolution Of Jazz Violin Part Two: Scratch On Wood

by Anthony Barnett SP: More generally, speak to misunderstandings of jazz violin exhibited by the jazz community and/or violinists. AB: That is a big question. I am tempted to answer that things are much better but I am often given cause to wonder. For example, 2009 saw, to my knowledge, three centenary celebrations of Stuff [...]