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Welcome to the December – January issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

Edward Berbaum returns with another rendition by the great Pennsylvania fiddler, Jehile Kirkhuff. Listening to his spoken introduction to The Cuckoo’s Nest is an added treat. Check out some other Jehile recordings as well as an article or two about him in earlier issues of Fiddle Sessions. We also welcome back Carolyn Osborne with a [...]

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The Cuckoo’s Nest

by Edward Berbaum Cuckoos Nest.mp3

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Never Too Late: Part Two

By Lois Siegel Recap: Celtic Slow Jam, Glebe Community Centre: The group sat in a circle and took turns selecting a tune. The person who chose the tune would start it at the speed he desired.  I tried to follow the music. They were playing much faster than I could ever imagine playing. It was [...]

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Technology Can Help You Fiddle

By Carolyn Osborne In the good ol’ days, when people put their furniture outside on a Saturday night and had house dances (Appalachia) or bals de mason (Cajun), youngsters learned fiddle tunes by listening and watching older fiddle players.  After a few years of being around a fiddle player, a kid might openly borrow or [...]

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Musings on the Evolution of Jazz Violin: Part Five Capturing the Imagination

by Anthony Barnett It must be pretty obvious where my original, and some of my later, allegiances lie so I shall not dwell too much on them except to say that in searching for players who truly capture the imagination I do not seek a new Stuff Smith— or Eddie South—or Venuti or Grappelli or [...]