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ENTER TODAY! Enter for your chance to win a Rozanna’s Violin Kit and a collection of fiddle books from Mel Bay Publications! Sweepstakes ends September 30, 2011 at 11:59 pm ET. This contest brought to you by Mel Bay Publications, Inc. with the help of our friends at Rozanna’s Violins. Results: Stay tuned for the [...]

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Welcome to the August – September 2011 issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

We’ve got two more great solos in The Fiddle Session Jazz Violin Project series this issue.  (Check the past two issues for four more entries.)  Graham Clark is an exciting improviser from the United Kingdom. Check out his strong bow attack on the accompanying recording. Matt Glaser may be the alpha dog of jazz violin [...]

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The Fiddle Sessions Jazz Violin Project: Go Tell Aunt Rhody – #5 Graham Clark

By Graham Clark   The entire solo is played with swung quavers, heavy on the second and fourth beats of the bar. I start with a simple bluesy  riff begun on the sixth which is repeated with slight variations, in the manner of, say, Count Basie. This sets up an accessible swinging  beginning to the [...]

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The Fiddle Sessions Jazz Violin Project: Go Tell Aunt Rhody – #6a Matt Glaser

by Matt Glaser        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR AND TRANSCRIBER Matt Glaser may be the single most influential jazz violin teacher of the past twenty years, through his work at Boston’s Berklee School of Music.  He happily volunteered to let me record him as he played many variations of Go Tell Aunt Rhody [...]

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Playing Music the Hungarian Way

by Devan Wardrop-Saxton              We have been playing the same note for what feels like at least forty-five minutes: open E, over and over and over again. To my surprise, sustaining the lurching, rolling rhythm central to Hungarian folk music is taking all of my concentration, as is trying to ignore the classical training that [...]

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Chords: What To Play When You Don’t Know What To Play – Part One

by Kat Bula   Have you ever had either of these thoughts?   “Man, waiting around for my turn to solo is really boring.  I should really take up guitar, so I could get more playing time in—but then we’d just have one more guitar player, and no fiddle!” “What do you mean, play something besides [...]