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Welcome to the October-November issue of Fiddle Sessions

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Howard Marshall contributes the final segment of his exploration of the many faces, melodies and dance steps of the Cotton Eyed Joe family of fiddle tunes.

Lois Siegel’s experiences as an adult beginner should inspire others who have not been as brave as her.  If any readers know someone who despairs of learning to fiddle because they feel “too old”, make them read this series.

Carolyn Osborne returns with a classically trained view of how fiddlers learn tunes and how to get away from playing the tune the same way each time.  What do you think?

Paul Anastasio has spent many years rescuing and preserving the fiddle music of the Terra Caliente area of Mexico and, in particular, it’s greatest practitioner, Juan Reynoso.  Paul contributes his transcription of one of Reynoso’s own compositions.

Enjoy the music and feel free to comment.  If you would like to contribute a tune or essay connected with fiddling, please contact me at


Stacy Phillips

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