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Welcome to the December – January issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

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Edward Berbaum returns with another rendition by the great Pennsylvania fiddler, Jehile Kirkhuff. Listening to his spoken introduction to The Cuckoo’s Nest is an added treat. Check out some other Jehile recordings as well as an article or two about him in earlier issues of Fiddle Sessions.

We also welcome back Carolyn Osborne with a look at how computer software can help you learn fiddle tunes and techniques.

It’s the last of Anthony Barnett’s current series of articles on jazz violin. He talks about some of his favorite artists. You may be surprised by his choices. Hopefully you will also be inspired to find recordings by them.

Lois Siegel continues her reflections about beginning on violin when an adult. It will encourage readers who mistakenly think it is too late to learn. There were several gratifying responses to the first part. I think our readers would like to hear more about the experiences of other adult-beginner fiddlers. Think about writing a short article.

Enjoy the music and feel free to comment. If you would like to contribute a tune or essay connected with fiddling, please contact me at


Stacy Phillips

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