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Welcome to the February-March 2011 issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

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The first issue of 2011 welcomes back Tim Woodbridge with the fourth segment of his musical biography of Don Messer, continued from the August 2010 issue of Fiddle Sessions.

Tim features Messer’s recording of High Level Hornpipe.  In conjunction with that I present a transcription of that piece mostly from the playing of the legendary Howard “Howdy” Forrester conflated with a bit (including those nasty Db notes) from Western style contest fiddler Jeff Guernsey.  Sections 3 and 4 are the ones that Woodbridge credits to Sid Plamador.

The Forrester transcription is from “America’s Favorite Fiddle Tunes – Hornpipes” available on my web site or directly from Mel Bay.

Listen to Carl Elliott’s version, linked in Woodbridge’s article, to hear a more French Canadian version of these sections.

Michael Mendleson wrote several ground breaking essays about American fiddlers in the 1970’s.  With permission, Fiddle Sessions is reprinting a couple.  Here is the first part of an extensive article about Texas fiddler, Benny Thomasson.  There are few fiddlers that influenced as many players as Benny. Enjoy!

There was an unprecedented number of responses to Lois Siegel’s first article in her “Never Too Late” series.  It obviously struck a chord with the growing community of folks who didn’t begin fiddling until they were well into adulthood.  Given the interest, I thought it worthwhile for Lois to respond to some of the comments to give advice and encouragement to an enthusiastic segment of Fiddle Sessions’ readers. 

                        Stacy Phillips

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