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The High Level Hornpipe from Jehile Kirkhuff

April 2011 One Comment

Ed Berbaum by Ed Berbaum

 This is a good example of the “Classical” Old-Time Fiddle tune style as defined by the Old-Time Herald many years ago.  It is not at the speed of Bluegrass.,

Not the “Nashville” or modern Contest style Not the Blues, not “music of the 20ʼs”.

It is a great melody, a beautiful melody with three parts in the Keys of A and E

For those searching for the Fiddler who “lived” the Old-Time style and played

ONLY The Old-Time style this is a “Pearl of Great Price” among fiddle tunes.

Many Fiddlers do not play this tune since it requires time to learn well and there are so many tunes that are cool and easier to play.  But, this one is worth the time and will help develop technique and spirit. Each player needs to find the “right” speed of this tune for themselves so the power of the tune satisfies the player and the audiences.

I wish much joy and years of grateful audiences to those who are fortunate enough to hear this tune played by a Fiddler who “loved it the most and played it the best”.

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High Level Hornpipe 

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  • Cal Vary said:

    H Ed,
    Were you living/studying/helping with Jehile in the mid/late 70′s? I ask because I visited there (while in grad school in E. Lansing, MI) with a musician friend-must have been near the end. So pleased to remember and find that Jehile has survived into the internet age-and past I’m sure.