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Welcome to the June-July 2011 issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

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The Fiddle Session Jazz Violin Project rolls into high gear in this issue. If you are not familiar with it, the basic melody of Go Tell Aunt Rhody can be found in my entry in the March-April issue of Fiddle Sessions (http://fiddlesessions.com/?p=221).  Most of the solos in this series will use the melody at least as a starting point for variation.


Kenny Kosek, dean of New York City fiddlers, and Randy Sabien, a wonderful jazz fiddler from the Midwest submit their improvisations this issue.  Randy’s article is a fine, short course in introductory swing fiddle.  Thanks to Kenny and Randy for sharing their expertise and creativity with the fiddle world.  Along with Tim Kliphuis’ version (http://fiddlesessions.com/?p=219) jazz violin students and fans can get valuable lessons in how some of the greatest violin improvisers in the world approach a simple melodic and harmonic situation.  There are many more contributors to come.  Stay tuned and learn!


Then you can read the third and final installment of Michael Mendleson’s classic interview with Benny Thomasson and discussion of modern Texas fiddling.   This part of the essay discusses Benny’s great work on Cripple Creek. We plan to print Mendleson’s detailed transcription of this piece in the near future.


Lois Siegel returns with more responses to reader comments about her series on starting on fiddle as an adult.



                        Stacy Phillips

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