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The Fiddle Sessions Jazz Violin Project: Go Tell Aunt Rhody – #7 Marty Laster

October 2011 No Comment

Marty Lasterby Marty Laster

The first break uses the melody and has a minimal amount of chromaticism (notes outside the scales or arpeggios) Bowings are a personal matter, but you may like some of mine.

On break #2, I am playing off of the chords, not the melody, and am incorporating more chromaticism, blues and leaping registers.

The last chorus mixes bluegrass style with swing, while touching on the melody.

{Marty’s mp3 recording is computer generated from his music notation software. – The Editor}

LASTERRhody7violinsound.mp3 | Printable Version

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

about the author

Marty Laster is equally at home performing, composing, and teaching swing, bluegrass, and classical violin styles. He recorded the eclectic CD, “Sound Mosaics,” and wrote two Mel Bay instruction books—“Blues Violin For The Young Beginner,” a beginning introduction to the blues (sans improvisation) and “Getting Into Blues Violin,” a comprehensive book on improvisation. Marty has played and recorded with Andy Statman, Barry Mitterhoff and countless others.

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