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Welcome to the October – November 2011 issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

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We are serving up more entries in The Fiddle Session Jazz Violin Project series. This time Marty Laster, ace fiddler from New York, enters the fray with three well-thought-out choruses of Go Tell Aunt Rhody.  Beautiful stuff.

Matt Glaser is back with a second excerpt from our extended phone conversation with a busy, buzzing, slightly bluegrass approach to jazzy Aunt Rhody.

Kat Bula continues her exposition on “thinking about chords” for the improvising fiddler.  Notation of chord charts is not standardized so, depending on your area of the world, you’ll see variations in the way musicians symbolize measures and how long to play each chord.

Finally, something a little different – audiologist, Doctor Willa Horowitz presents the first part of an interview with a violist with severe hearing problems. This is an area of music that is just beginning to attract serious scientific investigation.  Dr. Horowitz is a fiddler and hearing specialist who is spearheading this new field.

Stacy Phillips

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