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Welcome to the December – January 2011-2012 issue of Fiddle Sessions®!

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In this issue Evan Price from the Hot Club of San Francisco joins The Fiddle Session Jazz Violin Project series, demonstrating his jazz approach to Go Tell Aunt Rhody.  He really delivers a Grappelli vibe. Literally.  Check out his vibrato. This series of explorations began in the April/May issue of Fiddle Sessions.  Refer to that installment to hear the basic folk melody on which these improvisations are based.  The idea is to hear how world class jazz violinists deal with a “simple” melody and chord progression. There are many more great fiddlers to be heard from in future issues.  You can learn a lot about how to play jazz on a violin by studying these solos!


Kat Bula continues her examination of thinking chordally for fiddlers by asking the musical question, “Am I a drone when I drone?”


Willa Horowitz concludes her interview with a violist with hearing loss.


We return to Michael Mendelsohn’s series about Benny Thomasson (see Feb./March to June/July 2011) for his transcription of the latter’s peerless rendition of Cripple Creek.  Take a dip into this ocean of cool ideas for fiddling in the key of A. 


Enjoy the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Fiddle Sessions.

                                    Stacy Phillips

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