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Welcome to the June, 2010 issue of Fiddle Sessions

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Cookie Segelstein completes her current series on klezmer violin with a look at an introspective, usually rubato style of music from East Europe, the doina.

Anthony Barnett continues his musing on the history and current state of jazz violin with  a trenchant view of the opposite (perhaps an overstatement on my part) pole to Stuff Smith, Stephane Grappelli and the phenomenon of “gypsy jazz”.

Carolyn Osborne completes her essay about preparing to learn upper hand positions on your fiddle.

Finally, the first of what I hope will be a series of essays, by Professor Emeritus Howard Marshall.  This one concerns the history of Cotton Eyed Joe, a title that has served several different fiddle tunes. 

I have contributed a transcription of the version of Cotton Eyed Joe that Howard addresses in his article, as fiddled by Bob Wills.

Hope you enjoy this session.  I look forward to your comments on the articles.

                        Stacy Phillips

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